Have you ever lost touch with a friend and felt, as more and more time passes, that it would be that much more difficult to pick up where you left off?  That’s sort of how I feel these days about blowing the dust of my blog and starting things up again.  Today isn’t the day I’m going to blah,blah,blah about what I’ve been up to (we moved finally!) but I did want to drop a note just to say Hello, Everyone!  I hope things in your corner of the world are happy and bright and that you’re enjoying summer.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by our move and there’s still much to do and clean and organize.  When things in my home are visually wacko it’s hard for me to feel clear and uncluttered.

Once I get my act together I’ll be writing again and filling you in on the past few months and any balls that’ve been clunking into each other in my brain.

Talk soon

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  1. I took many years from blogging, but now I’m trying to start it up again. It’s kind of hard, but I think I have a niche for my writing now. More direction that before, so it’s motivation me to keep writing.

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