Just one day

If you could change the world for just one day what would you do?  What would you have everyone else do, or not do?

Luke said he’d have everyone play video games for the whole day.  Madeleine said that everyone would have a kitty cat.  For me it would be some pretty simple, nerdy stuff like…

  • Everyone would willingly and happily recycle!
  • People would drive slowly and carefully and not be in a rush, even when they’re late for work
  • I’d have everyone spend the day doing something that brings them joy; ice skating, playing video games, cooking, rock climbing, reading or even (for some people) nose picking.  Hey, everyone’s different.
  • This last one is the most important and the simplest but also the most challenging.  Especially in the wake of much violence in our country and around the world, I’d create an entire day of peace.  No one would be harmed anywhere on the planet.  Just peace.  I’d go for a run in the middle of the night without fear of anything or anyone and really enjoy that freedom.  Now that sounds pretty dreamy to me.

It has been my pleasure to write and interact with all of you this year.  Welcome, to those of you who are new readers and thank you, to those who have been hanging around all along.

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!  Rest, relax and enjoy.  All is calm and bright at our house (my in-law’s house, that is).  Elsa, our Elf on the Shelf, has been busy being mischievous and I admit I’ll be glad to pack her up until next year.  Before Christmas there are toys to be assembled and wrapped, which we’ve been trying to do after the kids are asleep.  But last night Homeland and The Affair was on so nothing got done.  We’re a little behind schedule.

Let’s hope the New Year brings clarity and welcome surprises.  What do you hope the New Year brings?

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