Happy Friday

I entered the book store with a list in hand, knowing exactly which sections I could hit (cookbooks, fiction, greeting cards) in time to run back home and pick up Madeleine at the bus stop.  At the top of the escalator, the children’s section.  The books, in their colorful jackets, waved at me from displays, arranged precariously like Jenga blocks.  Surely, there would be time to take a glance.

Thirty minutes later I was still thumbing through book after book, page after page, giggling and then sighing that ridiculous awww that women sigh when something is endearing or adorable.  Children’s books suck me in with their wonder and magic and zany plots each and every time.


I chose A Perfectly Messed-Up Storyby Patrick McDonnell.  It’s laugh-out-loud funny, even for us parents.  A fun read with goofy visuals like when a glob of peanut butter lands on the main character’s head.  It was a hit with Luke and Madeleine.

What are you reading with your kids these days?

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.  Here are a few links to check out as you have your Saturday morning coffee…

  • My daughter has long hair.  I plan on trying out some of these hairstyles on her
  • I’m obsessed with the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  This is my favorite renovation they’ve done this season.
  • I can’t always find organic tater tots so I’m going to make a big batch of these and freeze them.
  • Packing & moving tips that make a lot of sense to me these days!
  • We haven’t found a new house yet but I already know what my kitchen will look like when we renovate.  The black cabinets and brass hardware had me at hello…
  • …with these lighting fixtures.
  • When I feel stressed I get the urge to grab my husband’s hand and escape on a faraway trip to some place enchanted.  If only the budget would allow it!  I read about this region years ago and I’ve never forgotten about it.
  • I will never, ever, ever understand our culture’s obsession with the size of each other’s bodies.  This girl is gorgeous at any size.







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